When is pulling a tooth necessary?

When is pulling a tooth necessary?

Mar 16, 2019

Have you been facing issues lately with your teeth? Is there a specific tooth or a set of teeth that are causing you a ton of unbearable pain? Do you have a dentist appointment on the cards? Well, if you answered any of those questions with a ‘Yes’, you might be looking at a tooth extraction treatment in your coming dental sessions.

Dental problems can arise out of any given set of reasons; from unhealthy dental habits, to even problem of immune system. Getting your tooth removed is the most effective step of getting rid of tooth decay. These days, we are consuming so many unhealthy foods – sugars, carbs and fats, and that too in unchecked quantities, that dental problems have become the new normal. Whether it is gum disease or the very teeth getting decayed, getting your teeth extracted can be of great relief.

On the surface, getting your teeth removed may seem utterly complex. That said, before you let your imagination run wild, you should ask your dentist what kind of tooth removal are you getting done.

a. Simple extraction

This is used for very specific problems in teeth which are prone to only a certain region in the mouth. For instance, you have misalignment of teeth, such that one of our teeth is out of the arc. Here, this extraction method is used to simply remove that one out of line tooth.

b. Surgical extraction

As the name suggests, this is a more complex way of removing teeth. This one is used only when the teeth to be removed can cause damage to other teeth while removal or are in a very sensitive area.

What to expect during tooth extraction?

This process is simpler than most of us think it is. With the advent of anaesthesia, the process has become practically painless. So, expect sitting back and a tingling in your mouth.

What to do after tooth extraction?

Your dentist will give you a list of things to do after your session.

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