When is it Time for a Tooth Extraction?

When is it Time for a Tooth Extraction?

May 01, 2019

In spite of the fact that our teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, there comes situations where tooth extraction becomes imperative. The dentist near Chaparral tries their best to avoid the removal of tooth; however, when it becomes necessary, they remove it with less invasive methods. Here’s a look at the dental cases that need removal of tooth:

    • Suppressed Immune Systems

When the patient has a weak immune system, it’s important for them to avoid the infections of any kind. Because of suppressed immune system, there are more chances of infection and the condition can be life-threatening for the patient. In such cases, tooth removal is important to avoid any kind of complications.

    • Risk of Tooth Infection

Some people don’t take their oral health seriously which leads to tooth decay and infection. When the infection becomes severe, removal of tooth is the only and ideal option. Though root canal is also an effective way of removing the decay and infection from the tooth, it may not work of the infection is beyond repair. It all depends on the level of infection.

    • Teeth Crowding

Some patients have teeth which grow onto create a crowded situation in mouth which creates alignment issues and can also block full eruption of the teeth. This can also lead to discomfort for the patients and affect their quality of life. Tooth removal may be required for improving the appearance as well as quality of life.

    • Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some patients don’t need wisdom teeth removal but people who go for it, extraction is a common procedure. Removing your wisdom tooth is required when it has become impacted and it can’t erupt. If you avoid tooth removal, it can lead to infections and overall health issues.

    • Gum Disease Wisdom Teeth

Periodontal gum infection is a common dental condition which leads to tissue and bone infection in the area of the mouth which supports your teeth. It can lead to the teeth loosening up or shifting in your mouth. The best treatment is removal of tooth to avoid further complication.

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