Treating Common Children’s Dental Issues

Treating Common Children’s Dental Issues

Nov 01, 2021

Children are susceptible to several dental health problems. Taking care of your child’s oral needs prevents the teeth from developing in an unsuitable way that affects them even into adulthood. The pediatric dentist in Calgary has the training, technology, and expertise to treat your child’s dental problems effectively and comfortably.

Through the dentist’s individualized care, your child’s primary teeth will remain in good condition and hold the place for the developing permanent teeth. Once the permanent teeth start coming in, the dentist will ensure they develop correctly and preserve them to function and appear as required.

5 Most Common Children’s Dental Issues

The dentist in SE, Calgary, has identified these common dental issues in children.

  • Tooth decay

Tooth decay can affect a child right from infancy. For example, a breastfeeding baby may fall asleep before swallowing the milk in their mouth or take drinks such as juices, formula, sugar water, or diluted fruit juice. When a child’s teeth are in frequent contact with sugars, the bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars and cause tooth decay. Moreover, if the decay is left untreated, your child will be in a lot of pain and unable to chew. Finally, the decay can lead to an abscessed tooth or a badly damaged tooth that will require extraction.

  • Thumb sucking

Your child may have a habit of sucking their thumbs, pacifiers, or fingers as the action gives him or her comfort. Although the habit is normal and gives the child emotional security, it causes dental problems when permanent teeth come in. The finger or pacifier may push teeth out of alignment and cause them to protrude. They may also cause misalignment of the jaws and the mouth roof and cause difficulties in the correct pronunciation of some words.

  • Over-retained primary teeth

When a child’s baby tooth does not get loose and come out, the permanent tooth that is supposed to replace it is affected. The permanent tooth may erupt in the same space as the primary tooth or not come in at all. This leads to teeth misalignment, cavities and several other issues such as low self-esteem.

  • Teeth sensitivity

A child may have irritation or discomfort when they eat cold or hot foods and beverages or even when they breathe in cold or hot air. This is known as teeth sensitivity and may indicate a more serious dental problem. This problem may be caused by worn-down enamel that causes gums to recede and expose the tooth nerve ends, which cause pain when triggered. Cavities can also cause teeth sensitivity.

  • Gum disease

Children may not maintain proper oral dental hygiene, and the plaque buildup can affect the gums leading to gum disease. If you notice your child’s gums are red, swollen, recede from the teeth and bleed easily after flossing, your child may have gingivitis. Aggressive gum disease leads to tooth loss.

Treating Dental Problems of Kids

The pediatric dentist in Calgary offers a wide range of services to treat diverse dental issues that affect children. Some of them are:

  • Dental sealants

These are thin plastic coatings applied to the teeth’ chewing surface to prevent bacteria and food particles from getting stuck in the grooves and pits. They help prevent tooth decay.

  • Dental exams and cleanings

The dentist provides early orthodontic care to assess and intercept your child’s oral health and development. Regular professional cleanings ensure that plaque and bacteria do not build up in the kid’s mouth as they may cause several dental problems, including gum disease and tooth loss.

  • Dental fillings

After the bacteria have been removed from the decayed tooth, dental filling materials fill the cavities. In addition, tooth-coloured materials may be used so that the natural appearance of the tooth is preserved.

  • Pulpotomy

If a child’s pulp is infected, a pulpotomy is carried out to repair the infected nerves and blood vessels in the tooth and extend its life.

  • Tooth extractions

An over-retained primary tooth can be extracted to make room for the permanent tooth that needs to erupt. This treatment prevents teeth misalignment.

  • Oral devices and techniques

A custom habit-breaking appliance is used alongside behavioural techniques to break thumb-sucking habits. The device completely blocks the habit to prevent issues such as an open bite.

If you need a dentist in SE, Calgary, the dental team at Chaparral Valley Dentist provides dental services for your entire family. Our pediatric dentist will treat all your children’s dental problems.

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