Seven Indicators Suggesting You Need Emergency Dental Care

Seven Indicators Suggesting You Need Emergency Dental Care

Jun 02, 2021

Almost everyone is aware dental visits for six-monthly exams and cleanings are essential. The dental visits help the dentist in Calgary, AB, keep a tab over your oral health. Unfortunately, sometimes six-monthly visits aren’t sufficient. When dental emergencies occur, you can’t wait until the next checkup. Prompt attention is required to prevent infections, tooth loss, and even fatalities.

This article provides information on the seven symptoms you must look out for, indicating you need emergency dental care right away.

Loose Teeth in Your Mouth

The presence of loose teeth in adult’s mouths is never a comfortable sign. Your permanent teeth have matured into the tools you need to eat foods by the time you reach adulthood. Therefore you mustn’t be having loose teeth.

A loose tooth may indicate a tooth injury resulting from playing sports or automobile accidents. After any such incidents must schedule an appointment with your dentist because you may not experience any discomfort after a sports incident or an automobile accident. Unfortunately, the underlying nerves or the damage may have occurred without presenting symptoms.

A loose tooth can even occur from a localized infection, and a visit to emergency dentistry to determine the cause of the condition is essential. A loose tooth falling off may require replacements with dental implants or other solutions, heaping considerable expenditure on you.

A Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are severe and painful. They result from untreated cavities or gum disease but can also be a result of dental trauma. If you have a periapical bump, it occurs around the root of the tooth, and a periodontal abscess occurs next to the tooth and gums. Dental spots are better not ignored because they are life-threatening when left untreated. You may develop Ludwig’s angina because of a dental abscess. When you don’t receive prompt attention from an emergency dentist, a dental spot is potentially fatal.

Severe Toothaches

Minor toothaches are comfortably treated at home using over-the-counter pain medications if they are not severe. When the severity of the pain becomes unbearable, an emergency dentist near you can provide toothache relief. The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the pain, which the dentist diagnoses when you visit them.

Sores on Your Tongue or Lips

Occasional canker sores are not harmful, but if you have one that doesn’t go away, you must seek help from a dentist. Oral lesions also need attention from a dental professional. Oral cancers are aggressive and aren’t as rare as believed. When not detected, oral cancers can quickly become severe. Dentists perform biopsies to rule out cancer or even take intraoral images of the lesion to monitor it.

Consistent Headaches Bothering You

You may think headaches occur due to various reasons, but if you suffer from chronic and recurring headaches, it is usually an indicator something is wrong with you. Your mouth is part of your head, and any oral pain can translate into a headache. Mouth and jaw pain often resemble headaches. You may have persistent headaches during the day if you clench and grind your teeth when sleeping. In such cases, the dentist provides a night guard for you to wear when sleeping.

Numb Tooth

You must schedule an appointment if you had a severe toothache and the tooth has gone numb. A numb tooth indicates infections have spread to the root. The numbness also results from dental abscesses reaching your tooth nerves. Dentists perform root canal therapy to treat these conditions.

Bleeding and Aching Gums

Bleeding and aching gums are indicators of gum disease and gingivitis. A correct diagnosis of the condition is essential from your dentist. If the bleeding is excessive with pain must see your dentist as soon as possible. Gum disease is best treated in the earliest stages to ensure your teeth remain healthy in their sockets. Leave gum disease untreated, and you must maintain it with frequent visits to your dentist for periodontal maintenance.

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, please seek immediate dental care from the Calgary dentist. The symptoms you experience may not indicate anything severe, but is there any reason why you must risk an unwanted issue in your mouth when it is easily treatable by visiting the dentist in your vicinity? We are confident you feel similarly and will act as required without wasting time.

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