Tooth extraction

Tooth Extractions

Have you been experiencing a severe, chronic toothache? Does your smile suffer from severe decay, damage or infection? At Chaparral Valley Dental we are proud to offer tooth extractions in Calgary for our patients that have exhausted other options and are in need. While our goal at Chaparral Valley Dental is to protect and preserve our patients’ smiles, there are situations that arise where a tooth extraction may be the best treatment option for the patient and their overall oral health.

Simple Tooth Extractions

A simple tooth extraction may be recommended in the event a patient has an affected tooth that is properly erupted, fully visible and without damage. During the simple tooth extraction, your dentist will use a specialized tool known as an elevator to gently loosen the tooth so that it can be easily removed. Once the tooth has been properly loosened, forceps will then be used to remove the tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

A surgical tooth extraction may be recommended in the event one of our patients has an affected tooth that is damaged, not visible or has not properly erupted. For a surgical tooth extraction, an incision is made to completely remove the entire tooth, in some situations it may also be required to break the tooth in order to extract it fully.

Following a tooth extraction, Chaparral Valley Dental recommends that the tooth is restored. We offer various options that can replace a tooth, including bridges, dentures, and even dental implants.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common reason for extractions here at Chaparral Valley Dental. For many patients, wisdom teeth become impacted and do not erupt properly, resulting in pain, discomfort and other symptoms. We’d be happy to provide a consultation and diagnostic testing to determine whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not.

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