Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Chaparral, Calgary

Do you or a loved one suffer from dental anxiety? Does the thought of dental treatment make you cringe? At Chaparral Valley Dental we understand how crippling dental anxiety can be and are proud to offer various sedation dentistry options that are perfect for reducing anxiety and providing a pleasant dental experience. Both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation can be excellent options for patients that suffer from mild to severe dental anxiety. Interested in scheduling your next appointment with sedation dentistry in Calgary? Let us know when you schedule your next appointment at Chaparral Valley Dental.

Laughing Gas Sedation

For patients that experience mild to moderate dental anxiety, laughing gas sedation in Calgary, AB can be an excellent choice. With laughing gas sedation, a tiny mask is used to deliver a combination of laughing gas and oxygen to the patient, providing a euphoric, calm effect within just a few minutes. During treatment with laughing gas sedation, patients can communicate and follow directions and remember the entire process. Once treatment has been completed the laughing gas will be stopped, and the effects will wear off within a few minutes, allowing patients to continue with their daily activities.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For our patients that experience more moderate to severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation in Calgary, AB can be an excellent option for reducing anxiety. With oral conscious sedation, patients will be prescribed a medication prior to treatment that is meant to reduce anxiety and provide a more calmed and relaxed experience during treatment. During treatment with oral conscious sedation, patients will be able to communicate and follow directions. However, they may not remember treatment after the fact. Following treatment, oral conscious sedation does not wear off quickly, and the patient will require a ride home from our dental practice. We recommend resting for the rest of the day and resuming normal activity the following day.

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