Root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Have you recently been experiencing a toothache that won’t subside? Notice a tooth is sensitive to temperature or pressure? You may need root canal treatment in Calgary! At Chaparral Valley Dental we are proud to offer root canal therapy in Calgary for our patients that have an infected, decayed or even damaged tooth root and would like to reduce the discomfort and pain while protecting the tooth from future complications. Not sure if our Calgary root canals are right for you? Some signs that you may need root canal treatment include:

  • A severe toothache that won’t go away.
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold food or beverages.
  • Sensitivity when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth.
  • Discoloring or darkening of the tooth.
  • Swelling, tenderness or infection of the gums.
  • A “pimple” that reoccurs on the gums.

Notice some of the above symptoms and think you may need a root canal? Feel free to contact Chaparral Valley Dental today to schedule your consultation. We’d be happy to get you on our schedule.

About Our Root Canal Treatment

Did you know that deep within your tooth there is an area filled with nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues? When this area of your tooth becomes infected, decayed or even damaged, patients tend to experience quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Left untreated, infected, damaged and decayed root canals can actually become a serious problem.

During root canal treatment at Chaparral Valley Dental, your dentist will create a tiny hole in your affected tooth to access the tooth pulp and root. Next, your dentist will gently, but thoroughly remove any decay, infection or bacteria that is present, clean the root canal as well as disinfecting it. Once the tooth has been completely cleaned and disinfected, it is filled with a material to prevent future complications from occurring.

Following root canal therapy, we recommend our patients receive a dental crown. Placing a dental crown on a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy can provide additional support and protection from any future complications.

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