Oral hygiene services

Oral Hygiene Services

Although at home dental care is an essential part of maintaining optimal oral health, it is also highly important to visit your dentist for routine dental services in Calgary. Most people don’t have perfect smiles and can miss certain areas when practicing at home dental care, allowing debris, bacteria and even plaque to build up. With professional dental services, we can ensure that your smile and even gums are as clean as possible, reducing your risk of decay, infection, bad breath and even disease. Interested in scheduling dental services in Calgary? Contact Chaparral Valley Dental today. We’d be happy to get you on our schedule.

Dental Exam & Cleaning Calgary

At Chaparral Valley Dental, we recommend our patients schedule routine dental exams & cleanings at least twice a year to reduce your risk of dental complications such as tooth decay, cavities, oral infections, and even gum disease.

Fluoride Treatment Calgary

At Chaparral Valley Dental, we believe prevention is an essential part of having optimal oral hygiene and are proud to offer fluoride treatments which can help provide additional protection, strengthen teeth and even promote remineralization. Recent research has also shown fluoride can reverse early signs of decay.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Have you been diagnosed with periodontal gum disease? Non-surgical gum therapy is a service that can help manage your condition while preventing it from advancing any further. We recommend on-going periodontal gum therapy to ensure your condition is properly managed and additional complications don’t occur.

Halitosis (Bad Breath) Treatment

Mints and gum just not cutting it anymore? Halitosis treatment is an excellent option for patients that suffer from chronic bad breath and can also reduce your risk of decay, infection and even disease.

Schedule Dental Services in Calgary Today

Want to make sure your smile is as healthy and protected as possible? Contact Chaparral Valley Dental today to schedule your appointment for oral hygiene services in Calgary, AB today! We are always accepting new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to determine which services are right for you.

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