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Metal-Free Dental Fillings in Chaparral, Calgary

Have you recently been suffering from a toothache? Notice a hole in one of your teeth? You may be suffering from an extremely common condition known as tooth decay! At Chaparral Valley Dental we are proud to offer a more healthy, safe and effective alternative to amalgam fillings. Our fillings are an excellent option for addressing tooth decay and cavities without the unsightly look of or potential health risks of metal fillings. Although metal “amalgam” fillings have been used for over 150 years to treat decay and cavities in patients smiles, more recent research has shown that the mercury contained in these fillings may actually be able to leach out into your body. Mercury is a liquid, toxic metal that used to be used in various things, however due to mercury poisoning they have stopped using mercury.

About Our Metal-Free Fillings

At Chaparral Valley Dental our tooth-colored dental fillings are an excellent option for patients that are interested in a more appealing, healthy and safe way of treating their tooth decay and cavities. With composite bonding, your dentist can match your composite dental filling to blend perfectly with your natural smile, making your treatment virtually unnoticeable. Composite dental fillings are less durable than amalgam fillings. However, they are very easily repaired.

Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Fillings

When it comes to restorative dentistry, our dental fillings have various benefits including that they:

  • Contain no mercury or any other toxic materials.
  • Are designed to blend with your smile, making treatment virtually unnoticeable.
  • Can last for many years with proper at home and professional dental care.

Get Metal-Free Dental Fillings Today

Think you may be suffering from tooth decay? Interested in replacing your amalgam fillings with something a bit safer? Contact Chaparral Valley Dental today to schedule your appointment. We’d be more than happy to evaluate your smile and overall oral health to determine if this is the right option for restoring your affected tooth and protecting it from future dental complications.

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