Reasons For Emergency Tooth Extraction

Reasons For Emergency Tooth Extraction

May 16, 2019

A dentist will try its best to save your tooth with relevant dental technologies but sometimes the decay or damage is severe such that tooth extraction becomes essential. When no dental treatments can actually work, the requirement of emergency tooth extraction arises. Later, an expert dentist may suggest relevant treatment for missing tooth.

Some of the common reasons when emergency tooth extraction is required can be:

1. Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth is third molar teeth which erupt in the twenties. Many individuals can manage it but for some, it is painful and irritating. When there is no proper space in jaw to hold the growth of wisdom tooth, it may create issues and pain. In such cases, it is very essential to extract the wisdom tooth for maintaining overall oral health.

2. Fractured Tooth Under Gums

Chewing extremely hard food may sometimes lead to fracture of tissues under the gum. In such cases, tooth extraction is necessary. By removing the affected tooth, proper treatment for fracture can be provided. This is necessary so as to avoid any further complication.

3. Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a problem caused due to plaque or tartar buildup. It can be repaired at right stage by filling or crown but if left untreated severe decay and damage may be caused. In such cases, when decay is severe, it must be extracted. This is essential because if not removed, it can create issues for remaining teeth.

4. Periodontal Disease

Early gum disease is easy to eliminate with proper cleaning but if it progresses further it may reach to a level which caused periodontal disease. This disease effect the gum underneath the teeth which may affect the structure of teeth. When the problem is severe, it may lead to extraction of tooth.

5. Crowded Teeth

There is particular space in your jaw to hold teeth but if there is no space for proper growth of a particular tooth, it becomes essential to extract it. With tooth extraction, the right space can be maintained for proper growth of other teeth.

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