How Can I Minimize Damage From Drinking Soda and Energy Drinks?

How Can I Minimize Damage From Drinking Soda and Energy Drinks?

Feb 01, 2023

Energy drinks and sodas can jumpstart your day when you are tired or sleepy. Most people love them because they increase your energy and make you feel more alert. However, these drinks do more harm than good. For instance, they cause oral health issues requiring treatment from a dentist near you. Read on to learn how you can reduce damage caused by these drinks.

How Do Sodas and Energy Drinks Affect Teeth?

Sodas and energy drinks have a high pH level making them very acidic. The acid promotes the growth of bacteria and plaque in the mouth. As a result, your risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases significantly. The acid also dissolves the tooth enamel leading to cavities and extreme sensitivity.

Some people become extremely wired after taking these drinks. Therefore, they grind their teeth, leading wearing down of the teeth or even loss. In addition, other people experience acid reflux after taking soda or energy drinks. The acid from their stomachs is brought up into the mouth leading to enamel erosion. Over time, you will have cavities or gum disease.

These beverages also contain plenty of sugar. It combines with oral bacteria to form plaque which contains harmful acids. You should clean your mouth properly daily. Also, attend professional cleaning from a dentist in SE Calgary to eliminate plaque. If you do not, it accumulates, forming tartar which causes tooth caries and periodontal disease.

Drinking sodas and energy drinks can stain and discolor teeth since most of them are colored. The pigmented particles get absorbed into the tooth enamel when you take them. With time, you will notice stains in your smiling teeth as they come into contact with the drinks.

Tips to Minimize Dental Damage From Taking Soda and Energy Drinks

it is crucial to reduce tooth damage caused by taking soda and energy drinks. The experts at Calgary dental clinic recommend following the directions below.

  1. Cut back on taking these drinks and take drinks like coconut water or plain water instead.
  2. Do not drink them after consuming acidic foods to prevent exposure to excess acid on teeth.
  3. Take drinks with a neutral or slightly high pH because it balances the acid in sodas and energy drinks. They also make the mouth less inhabitable for decay-causing bacteria.
  4. Drink soda and energy drinks through a straw.
  5. Do not hold the drink in your mouth before swallowing, as this increases its contact with your teeth.
  6. Rinse your mouth with plain water immediately after taking soda or energy drinks. It neutralizes the acid and increases saliva production preventing enamel erosion.
  7. Wait for about an hour before brushing your teeth after taking these drinks. This reduces damage to your teeth’s enamel as it is usually softer after meals.
  8. Chew sugar-free gum after taking soda and energy drinks. It increases saliva production, consequently reducing the risk of tooth decay.
  9. Neutralize the acid in these drinks by taking calcium-rich foods or beverages. You can eat some cheese or drink milk to rebalance your oral pH.
  10. Visit the experts at Calgary dental clinic regularly for dental exams and cleanings. They will eliminate plaque and tartar from your mouth, preventing decay or gingivitis. The dentists will also treat or prevent tooth cavities through various dental treatments.

Does Taking Sugar-Free Drinks Instead of Sodas and Energy Drinks Minimize Tooth Damage?

Some people believe diet sodas or sugar-free drinks do not harm their teeth. However, this is not necessarily true. Most of these drinks contain acids that cause enamel erosion, like regular sodas or energy drinks. The main ingredients in diet drinks are citric, phosphoric, and tartaric acids. They destroy the tooth enamel.

So, instead of diet sodas or sugar-free drinks, opt for healthy teeth-friendly beverages. For example, you can take water, milk, unsweetened tea, coconut water, diluted juice, or sparkling water. Replace some of your sodas or energy drinks with these beverages, as they do not harm teeth.

Sodas and energy drinks cause various dental health problems. Fortunately, you can improve your smile through dental care at Chaparral Valley Dental. We provide multiple treatments to counter the effects of sodas and energy drinks on teeth. For example, we provide dental cleaning, cavity treatment, teeth whitening, and restorations.

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