How Can A Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

How Can A Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

Sep 01, 2020

Many people do not pay much attention to the meaning of a smile, even though it says a lot about a person. When you walk into a room full of people, your smile can make the experience beautiful, or hardly bearable. It also carries the first impression you make with the people around you. This explains why people are slowly beginning to catch up with the idea of working on their smiles.

As cosmetic dentistry continues to attract more attention from people, smile makeovers become a big deal. If you are thinking of improving the quality of your life, have you considered how impactful a beautiful smile would be?

What Is A Smile Makeover?

It is a series of dental treatments in cosmetic dentistry, meant to improve the appearance of your smile. A smile makeover does not concentrate on one part of your mouth. If anything, the treatments offered cut across restorative dentistry as much as cosmetic dentistry.

The goal of a smile makeover is to transform your smile. This means that treatments are meant to adjust and alter the components of your mouth, to realize more desirable results. The makeover will concentrate on altering the shape, color, size, and sometimes fully replacing components in your mouth for better results.

What Treatments Can You Expect In A Smile Makeover?

Without properly examining and analyzing your mouth, it is hard to determine which dent treatments you would need to have your smile beautified. For this reason, a diagnostic exam will be part of your initial dental visit, to determine the best course of action for your smile. Afterward, any of the following dental treatments may be performed, sometimes one, while other times multiple:

  • Tooth replacement – if you are missing a tooth or two that gap needs to be covered. Usually, different tooth replacement options will be outlined for you to choose from. You can either get dentures for when you have multiple missing teeth in a row. Dental bridges may be used when you need to replace a single or two teeth. In other cases, dental implants are used, especially for patients seeking permanent restorative results.
  • Teeth whitening – the color of your teeth impact the beauty of your smile. Teeth whitening procedures differ, depending on what you prefer for your teeth. A common procedure involves professionally whitening your teeth with special whitening products. However, other patients prefer having dental veneers, dental bonding, or dental crowns cover up the discolored teeth.
  • Teeth reshaping – this involves different treatments that help alter the shape of your teeth. The usual shapes of teeth can be due to accidents so that you have cracks and broken teeth. In other cases, the cause is genetic, or due to medication. Whether you have unusually short teeth, teeth that are too pointy rounded or squared off, they can be reshaped during your smile makeover. Some ways to do so include using dental bonding or dental veneers.
  • Gum reshaping – this procedure could go two different ways. For one some patients have a gummy smile, which means that a lot of their gums show when they smile. A reshaping procedure is done, which is called gum reduction surgery. On the flip side, some patients have lost a lot of gum tissue, compromising the health of their gums, bones, and teeth. In that case, gum grafting is done to reshape the gums and restore them.
  • Orthodontic treatment – even though orthodontics exists as a specialty in itself, it is included in some smile makeovers. Some patients have a crowded mouth, overlapping teeth, crooked Ness, and improper bites. All these issues are best treated with orthodontic measures.

Can A Smile Makeover Change Your Life?

At first, it may only seem like the makeover improves your oral health. However, the following ways are evident that a Smile makeover changes your life:

  • Improved oral hygiene – it allows you to keep your mouth clean at all times.
  • Boosting self-confidence – you will never know how much a beautiful smile means until you have it. Your confidence skyrockets to a whole new level.
  • Improved functionality – when your mouth is at its best, even functionality is at its best. You eat and speak better when your smile is perfect.
  • Cosmetic advantages – a beautiful smile is hard to overlook. Your teeth and gums will be perfect for grinning and laughing. Besides, when your teeth are properly placed, they shape your face properly, giving you a youthful look.

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