Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?

Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?

Apr 04, 2023

Have you put in place the practices to protect your teeth? Are you maintaining excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once and getting regular dental checkups? If you have, you are undoubtedly on the right path but do you realize you must also drink plenty of water to take advantage of its practical benefits that help improve your oral health?

Water is not similar to other drinks, with many downsides and is one of the healthiest beverages available on this planet. Your body comprises 60 percent water, and keeping it hydrated helps your system to distribute nutrients throughout the body, helps your skin glow, eliminates waste, and keeps your body strong.

If you live in a community where fluoridated water is available and drink plenty of it, your teeth also benefit. However, if you haven’t realized how drinking water helps your teeth, we suggest you continue reading this post for more information on this subject.

How Water Benefits Your Teeth?

Water Helps Strengthen Teeth: Canada is fortunate to have readily accessible clean drinking water. The authorities have ensured you can reduce tooth decay and cavities by nearly 25 percent by drinking fluoridated water available in most communities since the 60s. Therefore water with fluoride, excellent dental hygiene, and a healthy diet helps prevent tooth decay.

The WHO and leading governmental organizations have endorsed water fluoridation globally. Drinking water is one of the most affordable and beneficial habits you can adopt to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Water Promotes Full Body Health: Drinking sugary and starchy beverages appears flavorful and helps wash down your meal. Unfortunately, the beverages also have an adverse impact on your body because the sugars and starches remain on your teeth. When you decide on water instead of such drinks, you promote whole-body health, which also benefits your teeth.

Water Cleans Cavity Causing Bacteria: Water is not just for cleaning your face or body when you shower. It also cleanses the inside of your mouth when you have it because it flushes the cavity-causing bacteria from excess food particles. The cavity-causing bacteria feast on the leftover food particles and deposit acids on your teeth to erode tooth enamel and form cavities. At the same time, water also dilutes the acids from the bacteria in your mouth.

Gum Hydration: dental health is not just about your teeth but also your gums. If you don’t care for your gums, you become a victim of conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth loss, and many other problems. If you frequent the dentist near you for regular checkups, they provide information on how drinking water helps hydrate your gums when you provide information on other health issues that concern you and how they can impact your dental care.

Water Prevents Xerostomia: Your saliva contains 99 percent water, and when saliva production decreases due to age, medications, genetics, et cetera, you suffer from the condition xerostomia causing you to have a dry mouth and halitosis or bad breath. When you visit the dentist in SE Calgary to ascertain the reasons for the situation, they will likely inform you that the lack of saliva in your mouth is a cause for the problem, asking you to drink plenty of water to reduce your risk of tooth decay. Drinking water helps alleviate the issues associated with a dry mouth while reducing the risk of cavities in your teeth.

Water is Calorie Free: Sweetened beverages are high in calories and sugar, making them the perfect combination to increase your risks of cavities and the unhealthy consequences of weight gain. However, if you decide to replace these beverages with water, you gain dual benefits by reducing cavity risks and having a weight loss mechanism to prevent obesity.

Drinking Water Helps Decrease Mouth pH Level: the natural pH level in the mouth is 7.0, and you may never consider the finer intricacies in your mouth. Unfortunately, the foods and beverages you consume frequently can change the pH levels and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and cavities. Although fluoride can protect the tooth enamel against the acids responsible for tooth decay and is supported by the WHO to lower pH levels drinking plenty of water also helps in your effort to keep your mouth and teeth healthy by sipping a calorie-free beneficial beverage that helps your mouth and body.

Dentists all over Canada, including the professionals at Calgary dental clinic near you, suggest drinking plenty of water daily instead of having juices, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, et cetera. The dentist aims to ensure your mouth has the armoury it needs to battle against infections that can develop in your mouth when you indulge in detrimental habits for your mouth by suggesting you drink plenty of water as a protective barrier for your teeth you after receiving regular dental exams and cleanings from them.

Chaparral Valley Dental suggests drinking water to benefit your dental and overall health whenever patients visit for exams and cleanings. If you want to know how your teeth benefit from drinking water, kindly arrange an appointment with them to discuss how your oral health and teeth benefit from drinking water and plenty of it daily.

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