Dental Bridges: Tips for Addressing Sensitivity & Discomfort

Dental Bridges: Tips for Addressing Sensitivity & Discomfort

Feb 01, 2024

Dental bridges in Chaparral Valley are a common and effective solution for restoring missing teeth, enhancing functionality, and improving aesthetics. While dental bridges offer numerous benefits, some individuals may experience sensitivity and discomfort during or after the procedure. In this article, The trusted dentist in Calgary will explore helpful tips to address sensitivity and discomfort associated with dental bridges, ensuring a smoother transition to a restored and comfortable smile.

Here are some helpful tips to address sensitivity and discomfort associated with dental bridges.

1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene:

Practicing proper oral hygiene is paramount when it comes to dental bridge care. Consistent brushing and flossing in the bridge area aid in preventing plaque buildup and diminishing the risk of sensitivity. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the bridge and surrounding teeth gently.

2. Choose the Right Toothpaste:

Choose a toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. These toothpaste varieties contain ingredients that help alleviate sensitivity and reinforce enamel. Consult your dentist near you to find the most suitable toothpaste for your specific needs.

3. Use a Desensitizing Mouthwash:

Incorporate a desensitizing mouthwash into your oral care routine. These mouthwashes typically contain ingredients that help soothe nerve endings, reducing sensitivity. Rinse as directed by your dentist for optimal results.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures:

Limit exposure to extreme temperatures, especially when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. Extreme temperatures can exacerbate sensitivity. Opt for lukewarm or room-temperature items to minimize discomfort.

5. Follow a Soft Diet Initially:

In the days following the placement of a dental bridge, stick to a soft diet. Refrain from consuming hard or crunchy foods that could exert pressure on the bridge and contribute to discomfort. Opt for softer options until you fully adjust to the bridge.

6. Manage Bruxism (Teeth Grinding):

Discuss this with your dentist if you tend to grind your teeth, known as bruxism. Grinding can place additional stress on dental bridges, leading to sensitivity. Your Calgary dentist might suggest a personalized nightguard to safeguard your teeth during sleep.

7. Attend Regular Dental Check-ups:

Regular dental check-ups are essential for overseeing the health of your dental bridge and identifying any issues early on. Your dentist in Chaparral Valley can address concerns, make adjustments, and guide sensitivity management.

8. Stay Hydrated:

Adequate hydration contributes to overall oral health. Consuming water aids in flushing away food particles and bacteria that may accumulate around the bridge, reducing the risk of sensitivity and discomfort.

9. Communicate with Your Dentist:

If you experience persistent sensitivity or discomfort, don’t hesitate to communicate with your dentist near you. They can assess the situation, make necessary adjustments to the bridge, or recommend additional measures to enhance your comfort.

10. Give It Time:

It’s common to experience some sensitivity immediately after getting a dental bridge. Give your mouth some time to adjust. In many cases, sensitivity diminishes as your oral tissues acclimate to the presence of the bridge.

11. Emergency Preparedness:

In a dental emergency related to your dental bridge, it’s essential to be prepared. Keep your dentist’s contact information available, including after-hours emergency details. If you experience sudden and severe discomfort or damage to your bridge, contact your emergency dentist near you promptly.


Dental bridges in Chaparral Valley offer a valuable solution for replacing missing teeth, but sensitivity and discomfort can temporarily concern some individuals. By adhering to these tips, you can successfully manage and manage sensitivity, ensuring a more comfortable experience with your dental bridge. For comprehensive dental care, including evaluating and managing sensitivity or discomfort associated with dental bridges, visit Chaparral Valley Dental Today. Our experienced dentist in Chaparral Valley is committed to delivering individualized and efficient solutions for your oral health requirements.

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