5 Common Signs You Need A Root Canal

5 Common Signs You Need A Root Canal

Nov 01, 2020

Most patients find it hard to know if they need a root canal. Patients usually resort to oral hygiene when the signs show up. It is only upon visiting a dentist is when the problem is identified. You need to be properly informed about these signs so as to know when you need treatment.

Regular dental visits are very important when it comes to this dental issue. This is because most physical signs show only when the problem is advanced. A dentist is able to detect the early signs before the dental problem becomes worse. Once it is advanced a root canal is the only solution.

A root canal is the best treatment option for teeth that have extensive decay. This procedure cleans out the decay and preserves your infected tooth. The treatment also prevents any further tooth decay.

The Signs to Look Out For

As we said earlier, only a dentist can tell if you need this restorative dentistry option. However, any of these signs may indicate a problem that requires a root canal. Visit your dentist if you experience any of these signs. The success of the treatment will also depend on how soon you see your dentist after experiencing these signs.

1.Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

Tooth sensitivity may be an indication that you need a root canal. This can feel like a sharp pain when you eat something cold or hot. If the pain or ache lasts longer after eating, you need to see your dentist for a check-up. Many patients who require a tooth canal do experience tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity indicates that your tooth blood vessels and nerves could be having an infection. Visit our dentist at Chaparral Valley Dental in case of tooth sensitivity.

2.Persistent Toothache

Persistent tooth pain may indicate a wide range of dental problems. If you experience persistent pain in your tooth you may need a root canal. Pain may indicate infected nerves or blood vessels. This can be treated by a root canal procedure.

In some cases, a persistent toothache does not necessarily mean you need this treatment. That is why dental visits are very important. Your dentist can examine your teeth and determine if you need this procedure.

3.Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are often a sign that there is a problem with your tooth. A swollen gum indicating the need for this procedure can be painless. In some cases, the swelling disappears and comes back after a few days. A swollen gum calls for an immediate visit to your dentist.

Dead pulp tissues are the common cause of the swelling. Your dentist may use other treatment options to treat the swelling. If there is no improvement a root canal will be the treatment option to solve the dental problem.

4.A Discolored Tooth

Tooth discoloration that calls for a root canal may be different from normal tooth discoloration. This discoloration occurs as a result of pulp infection. If your tooth becomes dark-greyish for no apparent cause you need to see your dentist.

5.A Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Accidents or chewing on hard foods can cause Chipping or cracking. A cracked or chipped tooth exposes nerves to infections. Once the infection enters the bloodstream it can spread to other healthy parts. Only a root canal can treat and prevent further infection.

Preventing a Tooth Canal

These tips will keep your dental health at its best and prevent tooth canal.

  • Regular dental Visits
  • Regular teeth brushing and flossing
  • Regular professional teeth cleaning
  • Limiting the intake of sugary foods and drinks
  • Using fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated water

Chaparral Valley Dental

Talking to a dentist is vital in getting the right treatment for your dental problem. You can talk to our dentist if you experience the signs above. Our dentist will examine your tooth and perform a root canal. You can also count on us for dental crowns if your teeth chip or break.

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